Librum Idranna

It is not the express purpose of this guide to provide a complete history of the lands of Idranna. Nor is it meant to divulge (much) detail on her races and lands. Its original purpose was that of a pamphlet, a short guide to the Nenteir Vale, and to provide traveler and resident alike a bit of history, a bit of geography, and a bit of context. It may be clear by the tome (and it feels more deserving of that name with each written page) you now hold in your hands that I have somewhat surpassed that original scope, but I would like to take this time to assure you that it was entirely necessary. Although I will leave an exhaustive history to more academic texts, it is my hope that this historical context might better help that reader better understand where the Vale has been and where it is now.

Parle Cranewing

Book One

Bugbear Large, hairy creatures. Slow, even tempered. Members of the Enclave.
Dragonborn Dragon-like humanoids. Clan based. Various clans head different organizations.
Elves Lithe seafaring people. Those of age are sent to the main land to live and mature.
Goliaths Strong of arm and stoic of temperament. Mostly poor or manual laborers.
Halflings Small, xenophobic swamp people. Hold a monopoly on sea trade.
Humans Desert dwellers. Once had a great magical empire. Largely treated with disdain. Hold the unique potential for natural magic.
Hobgolins Gruff, tribal society. Were one militaristic slavers, but joined the Enclave.
Kobolds Small, crafty mountain dwellers. Hold monopolies on various resources, such as precious metals and gunpowder.
Minotaurs Large bull-like people. Ill-tempered nature controlled by religious emphasis on serenity. Live with kobolds.
Orcs Highly industrious and competitive people. Perhaps the most populous race.
Tieflings Mercantile minded people. Run the Free Cities with a very draconian form of government.

Book Two


Book Three


Librum Idranna

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