Physical Qualities



Racial Template

When hobgoblins come of age, they are allowed to choose one of the totems to belong to. They bind themselves to these totems with ritualistic tattooing and mind altering substances. The totems convey the following bonuses

Totem of the Claw

Chasing Claw
Followers of the Claw gain a preternatural sense of smell and gain a +2 when Overcome with Investigate if tracking something by scent or when smell is otherwise the most important detail.

Cruel Claw
Follower of the Claw are ferocious when backed into a corner and gain a +2 to Blades to Create an advantage when fighting alone against 3 or more opponents.

Totem of the Wing

Wandering Wing
Followers of the Wing are never truly lost and gain a +2 to Overcome with Survival when navigating the wilderness. They may use Survival to navigate cities, but may not gain the bonus.

Wildfire Wing
Followers of the Wing are supremely swift and gain a +2 to Tumbling to Create an Aspect when they can take advantage of their speedy feet.

Totem of the Scale

Silver Scale
Followers of the Scale never meet a stranger or want for good company and gain a +2 to Charisma when trying to make a good first impression.

Slippery Scale
Followers of the Scale have silver tongues and are adept at getting out of trouble and gain a +2 to Rapport to Overcome when trying to get out of personal danger.


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