Elemental Grid

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Evocation and Channeling

Spells Overview Evocation Channeling
Specialties Choose three quasi elements. These are the three elements that you can call upon with evocation. Multiple elements may be used for a single effect, combining them to produce para elements and basic elements. Choose one basic element. You can call upon this element and its quasi and para elements with channeling.
Blind Spots Spellcaster have blind spots in their magic that aren’t simply a lack of specialization and practice — particular kinds of spells or methods of arcane practice that they just can’t do well. Self image plays into this a lot; as such, a spellcaster’s blind spots are usually an expression of the kind of person they are. Mechanically, the failures these wizards experience are due to taking compels on a relevant aspect reflecting a blind spot in their spellcraft that has nothing to do with what they’ve specialized in. They might not be able to cast the spell they need, or they might cast it but only get some of the benefit they’re after.
Item Slots Spellcasters start with one Focus Item Slot. This may be exchanged for two Enchanted Item Slots. The individual power of these is limited by the Hedgewizardry skill. For more information check page 278 in DFRPG – Your Story
Focus Items Choose one basic element and one basic action. You gain a +1 bonus to that action when using only that element or any of its quasi or para elements.
Refinement This power costs one point of refresh. Choose from the following two times. One extra quasi element known, one extra Focus Item Slot. This power costs one point of refresh. Choose one of the following options. One extra basic element known, or two extra Focus Item Slots.
1 Determine the effect you want to achieve, describing the elements you want to use.
2 Describe the effect in terms of one of the basic actions.
3 Decide how many shifts of power you want to put into the spell. Take 1 mental stress plus one for each point of power greater than your Tenacity modified by any power bonuses from focus items.
4 Roll Arcanum to cast the spell, plus any control bonuses from focus items. The difficulty is equal to the power of the spell. This roll is also used for targeting if you’re aiming it at a target. If you do not meet or beat the difficulty to control, the margin of failure turns into shifts of backlash (bad things happening to you) or fallout (bad things happening to everything else). <— Same as evocation, but substituting Charisma for Arcanum.

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